Sensory studies arises at the conjuncture (and within) the fields of anthropology • sociology • history • archeology • geography • communications • religion • philosophy • literature • art history • museology • film • mixed media • performance • phenomenology • disability • aesthetics • architecture • urbanism • design

Sensory Studies can also be divided along sensory lines into, for example, visual culture, auditory culture (or sound studies), smell culture, taste culture and the culture of touch, not to mention the sixth sense (however it might be defined)

Books of Note

This space is dedicated to highlighting the top books in sensory studies published each year. Many of these books you will find reviewed in the pages of The Senses and Society.


A Play of Bodies: How We Perceive Videogames
by Brendan Keogh
MIT Press

Senses in Cities: Experiences of Urban Settings
Edited by Kelvin E.Y. Low and Devorah Kalekin-Fishman

Archaeologies of Touch: Interfacing with Haptics from Electricity to Computing
by David Parisi
University of Minnesota Press


Scents and Sensibility: Perfume in Victorian Literary Culture
by Catherine Maxwell
Oxford University Press

The Museum of the Senses: Experiencing Art and Collections
by Constance Classen
Bloomsbury Academic

Sensing the World: An Anthropology of the Senses
by David Le Breton
Bloomsbury Academic

Aesthetics of Religion: A Connective Concept
Edited by Alexandra K. Grieser and Jay Johnston
De Gruyter

Immanence and Immersion: On the Acoustic Condition in Contemporary Art
by Will Schrimshaw
Bloomsbury Academic

Tastes of the Empire: Foreign Foods in Seventeenth Century England
by Jillian Azevedo
McFarland and Co.

The Habits of Racism: A Phenomenology of Racism and Racialized Embodiment
by Helen Ngo
Rowman and Littlefield

Creating Sensory Spaces: The Architecture of the Invisible
by Barbara Erwine

Voicetracks: Attuning to Voice in Media and the Arts
by Norie Neumark
The MIT Press

The Age of Noise in Britain: Hearing Modernity
by James G. Mansell
University of Illinois Press

A Cultural History of Sound, Memory, and the Senses
edited by Joy Damousi and Paula Hamilton

by Philomène Longpré

Food and Multiculture: A Sensory Ethnography of East London
by Alex Rhys-Taylor
Bloomsbury Academic

The Sixth Sense of the Avant-Garde: Dance, Kinaesthesia and the Arts in Revolutionary Russia
by Irina Sirotkina and Roger Smith

Senses of the Empire: Multisensory Approaches to Roman Culture
Edited by Eleanor Betts

Seeking the Senses in Physical Culture: Sensuous Scholarship in Action
Edited by Andrew C. Sparkes

Senses of the City: Perceptions of Hangzhou and Southern Song China, 1127–1279
Edited by Joseph S. C. Lam, Shuen-fu Lin, Christian de Pee, and Martin Powers
The Chinese University Press

Sensory Arts and Design
Edited by Ian Heywood
Bloomsbury Academic


Food and Museums
Edited by Nina Levent and Irina D. Mihalache

A Different Kind of Ethnography: Imaginative Practices and Creative Methodologies
Edited by Denielle Elliott and Dara Culhane
University of Toronto Press

Russian History through the Senses From 1700 to the Present
Edited by Matthew P. Romaniello and Tricia Starks

A Feast for the Senses: Art and Experience in Medieval Europe
by Martina Bagnoli
The Walters Art Museum

Dig In! Scent and Art
by Camilla Nicklaus-Maurer
Studium an der Akademie der Bildenden Künste in München

Guerrilla Aesthetics: Art, Memory, and the West German Urban Guerrilla
by Kimberly Mair
McGill-Queen’s University Press

Belle Haleine – The Scent of Art. Interdisciplinary Symposium
Edited by Museum Tinguely Basel
Art Books Heidelberg

Remote Avant-Garde: Aboriginal Art under Occupation
by Jennifer Loureide Biddle
Duke University Press

Reading Smell in Eighteenth-Century Fiction
by Emily C. Friedman
Rowman & Littlefield

In The Realm of the Senses: A Materialist Theory of Seeing and Feeling
by Stuart Walton
Zero Books

Experience: Culture, Cognition, and the Common Sense
Edited by Caroline A. Jones, David Mather and Rebecca Uchill
The MIT Press

Le dégoût: Histoire, langage, esthétique et politique d’une émotion plurielle
Edited by Michel Delville, Andrew Norris, Viktoria von Hoffmann
Collection Cultures Sensibles
Presses universitaires de Liège

Sentient Performativities of Embodiment: Thinking alongside the Human
Edited by Lynette Hunter, Elisabeth Krimmer and Peter Lichtenfels
Rowman & Littlefield

Seeing with the Hands: Blindness, Vision and Touch After Descartes
By Mark Paterson
Edinburgh University Press

The Body and Senses in Martial Culture
By Lionel Loh Han Loong
Palgrave MacMillan

Sight and the Ancient Senses
Edited by Michael Squire

The Invention of Taste: A Cultural Account of Desire, Delight and Disgust in Fashion, Food and Art
By Luca Vercelloni

The Five Senses in Medieval and Early Modern England
Edited by Annette Kern-Stähler, Beatrix Busse, and Wietse de Boer

Sound: An Acoulogical Treatise
by Michel Chion (Author), James A. Steintrager (Translator)
Duke University Press

The Multisensory Film Experience: A Cognitive Model of Experiential Film Aesthetics
by Luis Rocha Antunes
The University of Chicago Press

Beyond text?: Critical practices and sensory anthropology
Edited by Rupert Cox, Andrew Irving and Christopher Wright
Manchester University Press

Sound: A Very Short Introduction
by Mike Goldsmith
Oxford University Press


Coming to Senses
Topics in Sensory Archaeology

by José Roberto Pellini et al
Cambridge Scholars

Acoustic Jurisprudence: Listening to the Trial of Simon Bikindi
by James E. K. Parker
Oxford University Press

Alien Agency: Experimental Encounters with Art in the Making
by Chris Salter
The MIT Press

The Auditory Culture Reader, 2nd edition
Edited by Michael Bull and Les Back

The senses in early modern England, 1558–1660
Edited by Simon Smith, Jacqueline Watson and Amy Kenny
Manchester University Press

Engaging the Senses: Object-Based Learning in Higher Education
By Helen J. Chatterjee, Leonie Hannan

Theatre and Aural Attention: Stretching Ourselves
by George Home-Cook
Palgrave MacMillan

Cinema of Sensations
by Ágnes Pethő
Cambridge Scholars

Sounding the Limits of Life: Essays in the Anthropology of Biology and Beyond
by Stefan Helmreich
Princeton University Press

Literature’s Sensuous Geographies: Postcolonial Matters of Place
by Sten Pultz Moslund
Palgrave Macmillan

Sensational Subjects: The Dramatization of Experience in the Modern World
by John Jervis

Smell and the Ancient Senses
Edited by Mark Bradley

Affective Landscapes in Literature, Art and Everyday Life: Memory, Place and the Senses
Edited by Christine Berberich, Neil Campbell and Robert Hudson

City of Noise: Sound and Nineteenth-Century Paris
by Aimée Boutin
University of Illinois

Sensing Chicago: Noisemakers, Strikebreakers, and Muckrakers
by Adam Mack
University of Illinois

The Life of the Senses: Introduction to a Modal Anthropology
by François Laplantine
Translated by Jamie Furniss

Ritual, Performance and the Senses
Edited by Michael Bull and Jon P. Mitchell

Beautiful Data: A History of Vision and Reason since 1945
by Orit Halpern
Duke University Press

Rumour and Radiation: Sound in Video Art
by Paul Hegarty

Vinyl: The Analogue Record in the Digital Age
by Dominik Bartmanski and Ian Woodward


Empires of Vision: A Reader
Edited by Martin Jay, Sumathi Ramaswamy
Duke University Press

Ways of Sensing: Understanding the Senses In Society
by David Howes and Constance Classen

Sensory Museology
a special issue of The Senses and Society
edited by David Howes
Taylor & Francis

Colonial Mediascapes: Sensory Worlds of the Early Americas
Edited and with an introduction by Matt Cohen and Jeffrey Glover
University of Nebraska Press

Biopolitical Screens: Image, Power, and the Neoliberal Brain
By Pasi Väliaho
The MIT Press

Feeling Pleasures: Sense of Touch in Renaissance England
Joe Moshenska
Oxford University Press

The Proust Effect: The Senses as Doorways to Lost Memories
by Cretien van Campen
Oxford University Press

Perception and Its Modalities
Edited by Dustin Stokes, Mohan Matthen, and Stephen Biggs
Oxford University Press

L’invention chrétienne des 5 sens dans la liturgie et l’art au Moyen Age
by Éric Palazzo
Les Éditions du Cerf

The Feel of the City: Experiences of Urban Transformation
by Nicolas Kenny
University of Toronto Press

Crafting Senses: Circulating the Knowledge and Experience of Taste
a special issue of Food and Foodways: Explorations in the History and Culture of Human Nourishment
Edited by Yuson Jung and Nicolas Sternsdorff Cisterna

Auditory Archaeology: Understanding Sound and Hearing in the Past
by Steve Mills

Secrets from the Greek Kitchen: Cooking, Skill, and Everyday Life on an Aegean Island
by David E. Sutton
University of California Press

Le sentiment de soi
by Georges Vigarello

Opening the Black Box: The Work of Watching
by Gavin J.D. Smith

The Perfect Meal: The Multisensory Science of Food and Dining
by Charles Spence and Betina Piqueras-Fiszman
Wiley Blackwell

The Smell of Battle, the Taste of Siege: A Sensory History of the Civil War
by Mark M. Smith
Oxford University Press

The Rhythmic Event: Art, Media, and the Sonic
by Eleni Ikoniadou
The MIT Press

A Cultural History of the Senses in Antiquity, 500 BCE-500 CE
Edited by Jerry Toner
Special offer (35% discount): US and Canada / UK and rest of world

A Cultural History of the Senses in the Middle Ages, 500-1450
Edited by Richard Newhauser
Special offer (35% discount): US and Canada / UK and rest of world

A Cultural History of the Senses in the Renaissance, 1450-1650
Edited by Herman Roodenburg
Special offer (35% discount): US and Canada / UK and rest of world

A Cultural History of the Senses in the Enlightenment, 1650-1800
Edited by Anne C.Vila
Special offer (35% discount): US and Canada / UK and rest of world

A Cultural History of the Senses in the Age of Empire, 1800-1920
Edited by Constance Classen
Special offer (35% discount): US and Canada / UK and rest of world

A Cultural History of the Senses in the Modern Age, 1920-2000
Edited by David Howes
Special offer (35% discount): US and Canada / UK and rest of world

Sculpture and Touch
by Peter Dent

Sensational Religion
Edited by Sally Promey
Yale University Press

Archaeology and the Senses: Human Experience, Memory, and Affect
by Yannis Hamilakis
Cambridge University Press

Making Sense of Visual Culture
Invisible Culture – An Electronic Journal for Visual Culture, Issue 18
University of Rochester

The Multisensory Museum: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives on Touch, Sound, Smell, Memory and Space
Edited by Nina Levent and Alvaro Pascual-Leone
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Past Scents: Historical Perspectives on Smell
by Jonathan Reinarz
University of Illinois Press

A History of Religion in 5 1/2 Objects: Bringing the Spiritual to Its Senses
by S. Brent Plate
Beacon Press

Sound and Safe: A History of Listening Behind the Wheel
by Karin Bijsterveld, Eefje Cleophas, Stefan Krebs, and Gijs Mom
Oxford University Press

Comics and the Senses: A Multisensory Approach to Comics and Graphic Novels
by Ian Hague

Legal Emblems and the Art of Law: Obiter Depicta as the Vision of Governance
by Peter Goodrich
Cambridge University Press


Technology and Touch:The Biopolitics of Emerging Technologies
by Anne Cranny-Francis
Palgrave Macmillan

Making Senses of the Past: Toward a Sensory Archaeology
Edited by Jo Day
Southern Illinois University Press

Noise: A Human History of Sound and Listening
by David Hendy
Profile Books

Earth Sound Earth Signal: Energies and Earth Magnitudes in the Arts
by Douglas Kahn
University of California Press

The Ethics of Visuality: Levinas and the Contemporary Gaze
by Hagi Kenaan
I.B. Taurus Publishers

Sonic Modernity: Representing Sound in Literature, Culture and the Arts
by Sam Halliday
Edinburgh University Press

Ubiquitous Musics: The Everyday Sounds That We Don’t Always Notice
by Marta García Quiñones, Anahid Kassabian and Elena Boschi
Ashgate Publishing

Listening Publics: The Politics and Experience of Listening in the Media Age
by Kate Lacey
Polity Books

Designing the Creative Child: Playthings and Places in Midcentury America
by Amy F. Ogata
University of Minnesota Press

Radio in the Digital Age
by Andrew Dubber
Polity Books

Technology and Touch: The Biopolitics of Emerging Technologies
by Anne Cranny-Francis

Sense and Stigma in the Gospels: Depictions of Sensory-Disabled Characters
by Louise J. Lawrence
Oxford University Press

Eye hEar The Visual in Music
by Simon Shaw-Miller
University of Bristol, UK

Religion Out Loud: Religious Sound, Public Space, and American Pluralism
by Isaac Weiner
New York University Press

Impressions of Hume: Cinematic Thinking and the Politics of Discontinuity
by Davide Panagia
Rowman and Littlefield

Haptic Modernism: Touch and the Tactile in Modernist Writing
by Abbie Garrington
Edinburgh University Press

Synaesthesia and the Ancient Senses
by Shane Butler and Alex Purves

Beyond Environmental Comfort
Edited by Boon Lay Ong

Dig: Sound and Music in Hip Culture
By Phil Ford
Oxford University Press

Music, Sound and the Laboratory from 1750-1980
Osiris, Volume 28
Edited by Alexandra Hui, Julia Kursell, and Myles W. Jackson
University of Chicago Press

Hallucination: Philosophy and Psychology
Edited by Fiona Macpherson and Dimitris Platchias

Sound Studies
Edited by Michael Bull

Qualia, Anthropological Theory 13(1-2)
Edited by Nicholas Harkness and Lilly Hope Chumley

Hearing and the Hospital: Sound, Listening, Knowledge and Experience
By Tom Rice
Sean Kingston

Perception and Cognition in Language and Culture
Edited by Alexandra Aikhenvald and Anne Storch

Shakespearean Sensations: Experiencing Literature in Early Modern England
Edited by. Katharine A. Craik and Tanya Pollard
Cambridge University Press

Affect, Embodiment and Sense Perception, by Jesse Davie-Kessler, Bascom Guffin, and Richard McGrail
Cultural Anthropology

Senses and Citizenships: Embodying Political Life, by Susanna Trnka, Christine Dureau and Julie Park

Visual Research: A Concise Introduction to Thinking Visually, by Jonathan S. Marion and Jerome W. Crowder
Bloomsbury Academic

Sensuous Cognition: Explorations into Human Sentience: Imagination, (E)motion and Perception, edited by Rosario Caballero and Javier E. Díaz Vera
De Gruyter Mouton

The Varieties of Magical Experience: Indigenous, Medieval and Modern Magic, by Lynne Hume and Nevill Drury

Jean-Luc Nancy: Senses, the Senses, and the World
The Senses and Society 8(1), edited by Michael Syrotinski

The First Sense: A Philosophical Study of Human Touch
by Matthew Fulkerson
The MIT Press

The Hand: an Organ of the Mind: What the Manual Tells the Mental
by Zdravko Radman
The MIT Press


The Senses and the Enlightenment: An Introduction
Jonathan Reinarz and Leonard Schwarz
Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies 35(4)
Wiley Online Library

Carnal Aesthetics: Transgressive Imagery and Feminist Politics
by Marta Zarzycka and Bettina Papenburg
I.B. Tauris

Foucault and the Politics of Hearing
by Lauri Siisiäinen

The Psychophysical Ear: Musical Experiments, Experimental Sounds, 1840-1910
by Alexandra Hui
The MIT Press

The Color Revolution
by Regina Lee Blaszczyk
The MIT Press

The Deepest Sense: A Cultural History of Touch, by Constance Classen
University of Illinois Press

A Cultural History of the Senses
The Cultural History Series

Digital Drama: Teaching and Learning Art and Media in Tanzania
by Paula Uimonen

Carnal Aesthetics: Transgressive Imagery and Feminist Politics
Edited by Bettina Papenburg and Marta Zarzycka
I.B. Tauris & Co Ltd

Frans Evers: The Academy of the Senses: Synesthetics in Science, Art, and Education, Edited by Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei
The Hague: ArtScience Press

Sandalwood and Carrion: Smell in Indian Religion and Culture, by James McHugh
Oxford Scholarship Online

Discord: The Study of Noise, by Mike Goldsmith
Oxford University Press

Religion and the Senses in Early Modern Europe, by Wietse de Boer and Christine Göttler

Touching Space, Placing Touch, by Mark Paterson and Martin Dodge

Musicking Bodies: Gesture and Voice in Hindustani Music, by Matthew Rahaim
Wesleyan University Press

Ambiance in Action/Ambiance en actes: Proceedings of the Second International Congress on Ambiances, edited by Jean-Paul Thibaud and Daniel Siret
HALSHS Archives

Immaterial Bodies: Affect, Embodiment, Mediation, by Lisa Blackman
SAGE Publications

The Sound Studies Reader, edited by Jonathan Sterne

The Oxford Handbook of Sound Studies, edited by Trevor Pinch and Karin Bijsterveld
Oxford University Press

Museum Bodies: The Politics and Practices of Visiting and Viewing, by Helen Rees Leahy
Ashgate Publishing

Sound Clash: Listening to American Studies
Kara Keeling and Josh Kun (eds.)
Johns Hopkins University Press

The Anthropology of Alternative Medicine
Anamaria Iosif Ross

Sense and the Senses in Early Modern Art and Cultural Practice
Alice E. Sanger and Siv Tove Kulbrandstad Walker

The Sense of Sound: Musical Meaning in France, 1260-1330
Emma Dillon
Oxford University Press

Visuality/Materiality: Images, Objects and Practices
Gillian Rose and Divya P. Tolia-Kelly

Senses of Vibration: A History of the Pleasure and Pain of Sound, by Shelley Trower

Accumulating Histories: African Art from the Charles B. Benenson Collection at the Yale University Art Gallery
Frederick John Lamp, Amanda M. Maples, and Laura M. Smalligan
Yale University Press

What a Plant Knows: A Field Guide to the Senses, by Daniel Chamovitz
D&M Publishers, Inc

Sensory Aesthetics
The Senses and Society 7(2), edited by Jim Drobnick and Jennfer Fisher
Taylor & Francis


Science, Sexuality and Sensation Novels: Pleasures of the Senses
by Laurie Garrison
Palgrave MacMillan

Senses of Belonging: The Synaesthetics of Citizenship in American Literature, 1862 – 1903
by Erica Fretwell
Duke University Press

Curious Visions of Modernity: Enchantment, Magic, and the Sacred
by David L. Martin
The MIT Press

Slavery and the Culture of Taste, by Simon Gikandi
Princeton University Press

Visualizing Feeling: Affect and the Feminine Avant-Garde, by Susan Best
I.B. Tauris Publishers

The City of the Senses: Urban Culture and Urban Space, by Kimberly DeFazio
Palgrave Macmillan

The Aroma of Righteousness: Scent and Seduction in Rabinic Life and Literature, by Deborah A. Green
Penn State University Press

Sinister Resonance: The Mediumship of the Listener, by David Toop

The Ephemeral History of Perfume: Scent and Sense in Early Modern England, by Holly Dugan
The Johns Hopkins University Press

The Embodied Image: Imagination and Imagery in Architecture, by Juhani Pallasmaa
John Wiley & Sons Ltd

The Senses: Classical and Contemporary Philosophical Perspectives, edited by Fiona Macpherson
Oxford University Press

Theatre Noise: The Sound of Performance, edited by Lynne Kendrick and David Roesner
Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Bodies, Therapies, Senses, by Ruth Barcan

Made to Be Seen: Perspectives on the History of Visual Anthropology, edited by Marcus Banks and Jay Ruby
University of Chicago Press

See Yourself Sensing: Redefining Human Perception, by Madeline Schwartzman
Black Dog Publishing

Redrawing Anthropology: Materials, Movements, Lines, edited by Tim Ingold

Noise of the Past: Sensing the Post-Colonial
The Senses and Society
 6(3), edited by Nirmal Puwar and Sanjay Sharma
Taylor & Francis

Museum Materialities: Objects, Engagements, Interpretations, edited by Sandra Dudley

An Anthropology of Images: Picture, Medium, Body, by Hans Belting
Princeton University Press

The Sense of Sound
A special issue of Differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies 22 (2/3), edited by Rey Chow and James Steintrager
Duke University Press

The Right to Look: A Counterhistory of Visuality, by Nicholas Mirzoeff
Duke University Press

The Handbook of Visual Culture, edited by Ian Heywood and Barry Sandywell

The Senses and the English Reformation, by Matthew Milner

Making Noise: From Babel to the Big Bang & Beyond, by Hillel Schwartz
Zone Books

Art and the Senses, edited by Francesca Bacci and David Melcher
Oxford University Press

Sonic Persuasion: Reading Sound in the Recorded Age (Studies in Sensory History Series), by Greg Goodale
University of Illinois Press

The Fifth Hammer: Pythagoras and the Disharmony of the World, by Daniel Heller-Roazen
The MIT Press

A Companion to the Anthropology of the Body and Embodiment, edited by Frances E. Mascia-Lees

The Spiritual Senses: Perceiving God in Western Christianity, edited by Paul L. Gavrilyuk and Sarah Coakley
Cambridge University Press


Culture of Diagram, by John Bender and Michael Marrianan
Stanford University Press

Experience, Evidence, and Sense: The Hidden Cultural Legacy of English, by Anna Wierzbicka
Oxford University Press

Stumbling Blocks Before the Blind: Medieval Constructions of a Disability, by Edward Wheatley
The University of Michigan Press

Autism and the Edges of the Known World: Sensitivities, Language, and Constructed Reality, by Olga Bogdashina
Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Knowing Shakespeare: Senses, Embodiment and Cognition, edited by Lowell Gallagher and Shankar Raman
Palgrave Macmillan

The Hidden Sense: Synesthesia in Art and Science, by Cretien van Campen
MIT Press

Alimentary Tracts: Appetites, Aversions and the Postcolonial, by Parama Roy
Duke University Press

An Archaeology of the Senses: Prehistoric Malta, by Robin Skeates
Oxford University Press

Everyday Life in Asia: Social Perspectives on the Senses, edited by Devorah Kalekin-Fishman and Kelvin E.Y. Low

Reason and Resonance: A History of Modern Aurality, by Veit Erlmann
The MIT Press

The Sensory World of Italian Renaissance Art, by François Quiviger
Reaktion Books

Helmholtz: From Enlightenment to Neuroscience, by Michael Meulders
The MIT Press

Empty Pleasures: The Story of Artificial Sweeteners from Saccharin to Splenda
by Carolyn de la Peña
University of North Carolina Press

The Provocation of the Senses in Contemporary Theatre, by Stephen Di Benedetto

Suffering and Sentiment: Exploring the Vicissitudes of Experience and Pain in Yap
by C. Jason Throop
University of California Press

Art, History and the Senses: 1830 to the Present
edited by Patrizia di Bello and Gabriel Koureas

Art, Museums and Touch (Rethinking Art’s Histories Series), by Fiona Candlin,
Manchester University Press

Sound: A Reader in Theatre Practice, by Ross Brown
Palgrave Macmillan

The Sensual Icon: Space, Ritual and the Senses in Byzantium, by Bissera Pentcheva
Pennsylvania State University Press

Geographies of Rhythm: Nature, Place, Mobilities and Bodies, by Tim Edensor

Pleasure and Danger in Perception: The Five Senses in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, edited by Corine Schleif and Richard Newhauser
The Senses and Society, 5(1)

Cinesonica: Sounding Film and Video, by Andy Birdwhistle
Manchester University Press

Rethinking Disability: Bodies, Senses and Things, by Michael Schillmeier

Acoustic Territories: Sound Culture and Everyday Life, by Brandon Labelle


Practices of Looking: An Introduction to Visual Culture, by Marita Sturken and Lisa Cartwright
Oxford University Press

Film Theory: An Introduction through the Senses by Thomas Elsaesser and Malte Hagener

OASE 78 Immersed. Sound and Architecture
A special issue of OASE Journal for Architecture, edited by Pnina Avidar, Raviv Ganchrow  and Julia Kursell
NAi Publishers

Wednesday is Indigo Blue: Discovering the Brain of Synesthesia, by Richard E. Cytowic and David M. Eagleman
MIT Press

Alien Ocean: Anthropological Voyages in Microbial Seas, by Stefan Helmreich
University of California Press

Selling Sounds: The Commercial Revolution in American Music, by David Suisman
Harvard University Press

Scents and Scent-sibilities: Smell and Everyday Life Experiences, by Kelvin E.Y. Low
Cambridge Scholars

Uncertain Tastes: Memory, Ambivalence, and the Politics of Eating in Samburu Northern Kenya, by Jon Holtzman
University of California Press

Aesthetic Formations: Media, Religion and the Senses, edited by Birgit Meyer,

Doing Sensory Ethnography, by Sarah Pink,

Sensing Changes: Technologies, Environments, and the Everyday, 1953-2003
by Joy Parr,
University of British Columbia Press

Sounding New Media. Immersion and Embodiment in the Arts and Culture
by Frances Dyson,
University of California Press.

The Sixth Sense Reader (Sensory Formations series), edited by David Howes,
Berg Publishers

The Tactile Eye: Touch and the Cinematic Experience, by Jennifer M. Barker,
University of California Press

What Color is the Sacred? by Michael Taussig
University of Chicago Press

The Political Life of Sensation, by Davide Panagia
Duke University Press

Re-mediating Touch, edited by Mark Paterson
The Senses and Society 4(2)


Looking and Listening in Nineteenth Century France
by Martha Ward and Anne Leonard
University of Chicago Press

Mechanical Sound: Technology, Culture, and Public Problems of Noise in the Twentieth Century, by Karin Bijsterveld
The MIT Press

The Taste of Place: A Cultural Journey into Terroir, by Amy B. Trubek
University of California Press

Touch in Museums: Policy and Practice in Object Handling, by Helen Chatterjee
Berg Publishers

The Power of Touch: Handling Objects in Museum and Heritage Context, edited by Elizabeth Pye

The Five Senses: A Philosophy of Mingled Bodies, by Michel Serres,

Eyesight Alone: Clement Greenberg’s Modernism and the Bureaucratization of the Senses, by Caroline A. Jones,
University of Chicago Press

Rethinking the Medieval Senses: Heritage, Fascinations, Frames
edited by Stephen G. Nichols, Andeas Kablitz and Alison Calhoun
The Johns Hopkins University Press

Sensing Cities: Regenerating Public Life in Barcelona and Manchester
by Mónica Montserrat Degen,
Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group

The Key of Green: Passion and Perception in Renaissance Culture, by Bruce R. Smith,
University of Chicago Press

Sensing the Past: Seeing, Hearing, Smelling, Touching and Tasting in History
by Mark M. Smith,
University of California Press

Visual Sense: A Cultural Reader (Sensory Formations series)
edited by Elizabeth Edwards and Kaushik Bhaumik,
Berg Publishers

Wind, Life, Health: Anthropological and Historical Perspectives
edited by Elisabeth Hsu and Chris Low,
Blackwell Publishing/Royal Anthropological Institute

Biopolitics of the Senses: Touch, Sound and Embodied Being
edited by Anne Cranny-Francis
Scan: Journal of Media Arts Culture, 5(3)

Vibratory Movements, edited by Shelley Trower
The Senses and Society, 3(2)

Cinema and the Senses
Paragraph 34(1)

Embodied: Victorian Literature and the Senses, by Wiliam A. Cohen
University of Minnesota Press


Dress Sense: Emotional and Sensory Experiences of the Body and Clothes
edited by Donald Clay Johnson and Helen Bradley,
Berg Publishers

Hubbub: Filth, Noise and Stench in England 1600-1770, by Emily Cockayne,
Yale University Press

The Inner Touch: Archaeology of a Sensation, by Daniel Heller-Roazen,
The MIT Press

Toward an Aesthetics of Blindness: An Interdisciplinary Response to Synge, Yeats, and Friel, by David Feeney
Peter Lang Publishers

Portals: Opening Doorways to Other Realities through the Senses, by Lynne Hume
Berg Publishers

Sensational Knowledge: Embodying Culture through Japanese Dance, by Tomie Hahn
Wesleyan University Press

Sound Moves: iPod Culture and Urban Experience, by Michael Bull

The Senses in Performance (Worlds of Performance series)
edited by Sally Banes and André Lepecki

The Senses of Touch: Haptics, Affects and Technologies, by Mark Paterson
Berg Publishers

Wildness and Sensation: Anthropology of Sinister and Sensuous Realms
edited by Rob van Ginkel and Alex Strating
Het Spinhuis


The Politics of Aesthetics: The Distribution of the Sensible, by Jacques Rancière

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