Sensory studies arises at the conjuncture (and within) the fields of anthropology • sociology • history • archeology • geography • communications • religion • philosophy • literature • art history • museology • film • mixed media • performance • phenomenology • disability • aesthetics • architecture • urbanism • design

Sensory Studies can also be divided along sensory lines into, for example, visual culture, auditory culture (or sound studies), smell culture, taste culture and the culture of touch, not to mention the sixth sense (however it might be defined)

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Research Directory

This Directory is a compendium of the names of scholars who are actively engaged in social scientific or humanities-based research on the senses and perception. Each entry gives the person’s name, institutional affiliation, and up to seven keywords describing their research interests, as well as a link to their home page. Use this directory to explore the riches of “sensuous scholarship” (Stoller).

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Books of Note

This space is dedicated to highlighting the top books in sensory studies published each year. Many of these books you will find reviewed in the pages of The Senses and Society.

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Events of Note

This space is devoted to announcing upcoming conferences, panels, lecture series, exhibitions and other events which explore the cultural life of the senses or history and politics of perception.

2-5 May 2018
Uncommon Senses 2: Art, Technology, Education, Law, Society and Sensory Diversity
CFP: opens 1 September 2017. Staggered deadlines: 15 September-15 October
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

Uncommon Senses 2 Panel Proposal Form
Uncommon Senses 2 Individual Paper Proposal Form
Uncommon Senses 2 Artwork/Video Proposal Form(details to follow)
Registration Form (opens 1 January 2018)

19 June – 22 June 2017
“The Senses in Everyday Life” at Framing/Reframing: Visual Sociology, Goffman and the Everyday 35th Annual Meeting of the International Visual Sociology Association
Concordia University, Montreal

5 October — 8 October 2016
Engaging the Senses: 48th Annual International Visual Literacy Association Conference
Concordia University, Montreal

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Sensory Curricula, Syllabi, Etc.

This space is dedicated to advancing the education of the senses. It presents an array of syllabi for courses which touch upon the senses. It also documents a range of techniques for training the senses for research, performance and other purposes – including enjoyment.

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Picture Gallery

The iconography of the senses is an extremely rich and fascinating topic. This space is devoted to building up a gallery of such representations with commentary.

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Sensorial Investigations

Sensorial Investigations is a research forum supporting advanced inquiry in sensory studies. It features occasional essays and exchanges on selected topics.

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Sound Gallery

This space is devoted to opening up the possibilities of sound art practice as a
critical means of engaging the senses with the sonic energies of the world around us.

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The Senses and Society

The Senses and Society is a journal founded in 2006 by Michael Bull and David Howes, together with Doug Kahn and Paul Gilroy. It is published three times a year. The journal carries full-length articles and a range of reviews (sensory design, book, conference and exhibition).

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Of Related Interest

This space will contain a vast miscellany of lists and links which take you to sites of related interest. For example, there will be an index of theses in sensory studies; there will be a list of research teams, centres, labs and institutes; there will be links to breaking stories about the senses; and much more

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