Sensory studies arises at the conjuncture (and within) the fields of anthropology • sociology • history • archeology • geography • communications • religion • philosophy • literature • art history • museology • film • mixed media • performance • phenomenology • disability • aesthetics • architecture • urbanism • design

Sensory Studies can also be divided along sensory lines into, for example, visual culture, auditory culture (or sound studies), smell culture, taste culture and the culture of touch, not to mention the sixth sense (however it might be defined)

The Terminal City Poster » The Terminal City Poster

The Terminal City Poster

The Terminal City Poster

The Terminal Currency poster is a collaboration between filmaker Caterina Borelli and artist Janet Stein. It was made in New York City in 1984 and it was part of a series of 26 street posters each done by two artists working in collaboration.

Artists’ statements
It was before the home computer, at the beginning of the extended use of technology in our lives, from our home’s TVs and telephones, to the Walkman, the first music device we could literally get “plugged-in” and carry along. I saw all of these – coke included – as filters to our perception of reality, between us and the world.

caterina borelli

The images and words provoke many interpretations and questions. I would not write an explanation as it would extinguish the dynamics of the poster. A dynamic exists between words and images and I would not end it by giving victory to the words.

Janet Stein

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