Sensory studies arises at the conjuncture (and within) the fields of anthropology • sociology • history • archeology • geography • communications • religion • philosophy • literature • art history • museology • film • mixed media • performance • phenomenology • disability • aesthetics • architecture • urbanism • design

Sensory Studies can also be divided along sensory lines into, for example, visual culture, auditory culture (or sound studies), smell culture, taste culture and the culture of touch, not to mention the sixth sense (however it might be defined)

Uncommon Senses 2 and Events of Note

This space is devoted to announcing upcoming conferences, panels, lecture series, exhibitions and other events which explore the cultural life of the senses or history and politics of perception.

2-5 May 2018
Uncommon Senses 2: Art, Technology, Education, Law, Society – and Sensory Diversity
and The Othered Senses workshop.

Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
Registration Form (opens 1 February 2018)

1-3 May 2018
The Othered Senses: Law Sensorium Regulation Workshop.
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada


22-23 February 2018
The sensory body in leisure and entertainment.
International Meeting of the Canadian Research Chair in History of Leisure and Entertainment
The University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières, Quebec

18–19 June 2018
The Forgotten Other: Disability Studies and the Classical Body
Kings College London, UK

15-21 July 2018
XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology: The Politics of Sensation: Technology, Measurement, Quantification
Toronto, Canada



20 September – 11 November 2017
Snoosphere at The Big Anxiety
Sydney, Australia

4-5 September 2017
Creative Tastebuds: Exploring How Brain and Culture Collaborate on Taste
Aarhus University, Denmark

13-14 July 2017
Feeling in Music and Sound: Atmosphere, Stimmung, Mood
Kings College, London

29 June – 1 July 2017
NECS Conference 2017: Sensibility and the Senses
Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris, France
CFP: 31 January 2017

26-29 June 2017
Senses, Emotions and the Affective Turn – Recent Perspectives and New Challenges in Cultural History
International Society for Cultural History, Umeå, Sweden.

23-24 June 2017
Sensing Divinity: Incense, religion and the ancient sensorium
British School at Rome and the École française de Rome

19-22 June 2017
“The Senses in Everyday Life” at Framing/Reframing: Visual Sociology, Goffman and the Everyday 35th Annual Meeting of the International Visual Sociology Association
Concordia University, Montreal

June-July 2017
Smells Like Fieldwork: Methods in Sensory AnthropologyOff the Beaten Track Summer Field School
Gozo, Malta

18-21 May, 2017
London, England

7-9 April 2017
Invisible Places 2017 – Sound, Urbanism and Sense of Place
Sao Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal

5-7 April 2017
“Texts and Contexts”: sensory approaches of medieval world
Universidad de Mar del Plata, Argentina

3-8 April 2017
Rethinking the Senses Spring School 2017
Inter-University Centre, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

23-24 March 2017
Between Data and Senses: Architecture, Neuroscience and the Digital Worlds International Conference
University of East London, London, UK

23-25 March 2017
Sounding Sensory Profiles in Antiquity
Vienna, Austria

10 March 2017
Stop Making Sense: A conversation between sensory and social science about food and drink
Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia, PA

6 October 2016 – 20 January 2017
A Feast for the Senses: Art and Experience in Medieval Europe
The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, MD

8-10 December 2016
A Body of Knowledge: Embodied Cognition and the Arts
Claire Trevor School of the Arts, University of California, Irvine

17-18 November 2016
Law and the Senses II: human, posthuman, inhuman sensings
Westminster Law & Theory Lab, London, UK

4-5 November 2016
Sensory Theory, Methodology & Experience: Contemporary & Classical Perspectives
A Multi-disciplinary Workshop
Digital Crit Space, Kent School of Architecture, University of Kent, Canterbury

20 October 2016
Beyond Disciplines: Sensescapes in Research and in Life
Concordia University, Montreal

14-16 October 2016
The Fugue of the Five Senses: Semiotics of the Shifting Sensorium
Hellenic Semiotic Society and the School of Journalism & Mass Communications of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

12-13 October 2016
Perception Metaphor Workshop
Centre for Language Studies, Radboud University & Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands

5-8 October 2016
Engaging the Senses: The 48th Annual International Visual Literacy Association Conference
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

7 October 2016
The Senses and Digital Health: Sociocultural Perspectives
Special issue of Digital Health, edited by Deborah Lupton, University of Canberra
CFP: 7 October 2016

29 September-1 October 2016
Synesthesia of Law Conference
Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey

26 September 2016
Coming to Our Senses: The Sensory Turn in Contemporary Art and Ethnographic Museums
The Courtauld Institute of Art, Somerset House, Strand, London

9 July – 4 September 2016
Chris Salter: Haptic Field
Chronus Art Center
Shanghai, China

10-14 July 2016
Pleasing Possibilities: New Perspectives on Pleasure, 3rd ISA Forum of Sociology
Vienna, Austria

13-14 June 2016
Le théâtre et les cinq sens: Théories, esthétiques, dramaturgies
Maison de l’Italie Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris (CiuP)

10-12 June 2016
The Internal Senses in the Aristotelian Tradition
Göteborg, Sweden

24 March – 5 June 2016
Walking with Senses, Merano Spring Festival
Curated by BAU, South Tyrol, Italy

12 February – 16 May 2016
Prière de Toucher — The Touch of Art
Museum Tinguely, Basel, Germany

4 May 2016
Empirical: embodiment in architecture & neuroscience
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, France

14-15 April 2016
The Senses and Sensation, Altman Symposium
The Humanities Center, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

6-9 April 2016
Senses at the Classical Association Conference
Edinburgh, UK

4-5 February 2016
4-5 February 2016On Atmospheres: Spaces of Embodiment symposium
Harvard Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, MA

8-9 January 2016
Breaking Through: Impaired/heightened Senses
Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3, France

5-6 November 2015
The Body in the Contemporary City
UOC University, Barcelona

8 September 2015
Rethinking the Senses: AHRC Science in Culture
Perception and Cognition Workshop: Top-Down Influences in Perceptual Experience
Glasgow, UK

7-8 September 2015
Material Culture in Action: Practices of making, collecting and re-enacting art and design
Glasgow School of Art, UK

Listening to Public Space
When: 21-23 September 2015
Where: Goethe-Institut, 1626 Boulevard St-Laurent, Montreal
Oboro, 4001 rue Berri, Montreal

9-15 August 2015
Bodies and Senses in the Scandinavian Middle Ages, 16th International Saga Conference
University of Basel and University of Zurich, Switzerland

29-31 July 2015
The Other Senses in Literature and Medicine
University of Constance, Germany

22-25 July 2015
Cultures of Sense: Approaches to the Sensuality of the Social World
University of Zurich, Switzerland

17 July 2015
Ways of Seeing
Royal Museums Greenwich, London, UK

8-10 July 2015
Sound Studies: Art, Experience, Politics
University of Cambridge, UK

28-30 June 2015
BLIND CREATIONS: An International Colloquium on Blindness and the Arts
Royal Holloway, Egham, Surrey, UK

4-28 June 2015
Jo Burzynska: Mishearings
The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery, Christchurch, NZ

12 June 2015
Ancient Noise: Religious Movement & Sensory Experience in Antiquity
King’s College London, UK

8-9 June 2015
The Senses and Visual Culture from Antiquity to the Renaissance
Bristol, UK

1-3 June 2015
Euronoise 2015: Science and technology for a quiet Europe
Maastricht University, Netherlands

16 May 2015
Princeton Conference: Sound of Sense: Orality/Aurality in Byzantine Texts and Contexts
Columbia University, Princeton, NJ

1-3 May 2015
Sense and the Senses Seminar
Midwest Victorian Studies Association, University of Iowa, Iowa City

1-3 May 2015
Victorian Sense and the Senses
University of Iowa, Iowa City
Conference Review:

1-2 May 2015
Senses and Spaces. II International Conference in Transatlantic Studies
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

29 April – 2 May 2015
Synesthetic Legalities: Sensory Dimensions of Law and Jurisprudence
University of Hawai’i Hilo

23-25 April 2015
Framing, Compiling, Sampling: Sensory Practices in Cultural Analysis
Swiss Society for Folklore Studies and Swiss Society for Ethnology, Basel, CH

10-13 April 2015
Sensory Panels, Classical Association Conference
University of Bristol, UK

27 March 2015
Fashion and the Senses
Rootstein Hopkins Space, London College of Fashion

25 March 2015
Touch of Light. Tactility and Mood of Illumination
Lombardini22, Milan, Italy

19-21 March 2015
The aesthetics of crossing: experiencing the beyond in Abrahamic traditions
Utrecht University, Netherlands

19-21 March 2015
Challenge the Past/ Diversify the Future: A Critical Approach to Visual and Multi-Sensory Representations for History and Culture
Gothenburg, Sweden

26 February 2015
The Sensory Interior: Some Other Rooms You May Have Missed
Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal

11 February – 17 May 2015
Belle Haleine — The Scent of Art
Museum Tinguely, Basel

11 October 2014 – 22 February 2015
The Sensory War 1914-2014
Manchester Art Gallery, UK

23-28 January 2015
Sonic Science Festival
Maastricht University, Netherlands

14-16 January 2015
Hearing Landscape Critically: Music, Place and the Spaces of Sound
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

7 December 2014
Panel: Sensory Politics
American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Washington DC

25-28 November 2014
Third International Contemporary Ethnography Across the Disciplines: Sensual Landscapes of Ethnography
University of Waikato, New Zealand

20-21 November 2014
Le son pris aux mots
Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris

14-15 November 2014
Sound, Vision, Action: Media@McGill International Colloquium
McCord Museum, Montreal

17-18 October 2014
Orality, Sounds and Sensations in the Translation of Poetry
Centre for Research in Translation and Transcultural Communication, Paris, France

17-18 October 2014
Screen Textures: Haptics, Tactility, and the Moving Image
University of Pittsburgh

15-17 October 2014
The Early Modern Villa: The Senses and Perceptions versus Materiality
The Wilanów Palace Museum and the Institute of Art History, Warsaw University

3 October 2014
Embodied Knowledge: Sensory Studies in the 21st Century
DeLuca Forum: Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery

3 October 2014
A Sensory History Experiment
Old City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

26-27 September 2014
Seeing / Sounding / Sensing
MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology, Massachusetts

September 2014
Society for the Humanities, Cornell Universty

19-20 September 2014
The Night of the Senses: Dreams and Sensory Illusion in Early-Modern England and France
Line Cottegnies, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3

7-10 September 2014
Herder: From Cognition to Cultural Science
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

3-4 September 2014
Architecture, Law and The Senses Symposium
University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

31 August-7 September 2014
Food and the Senses: Summer University
Tours, France

18-22 August 2014
Sound Signatures: Summer School
NYU Berlin and the Max-Planck-Institute for the History of Science

24-25 July 2014
Sound, Memory and the Senses
The University of Melbourne, Australia

13-19 July 2014
Thematic Group on Senses and Society
ISA World Congress of Sociology, Yokohama, Japan

10-12 July 2014
History and the Senses
The Society for the Study of French History, St. John’s College, Durham, UK

3 July 2014
Taking ‘Turns’- Material, Affective and Sensory ‘Turns’ in the Academy
Manchester Art Gallery, UK

26-27 June 2014
Twice Upon a Time: Magic, Alchemy and the Transubstantiation of the Senses
The Centre for Fine Art Research based at the School of Art, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design

21 June 2014
Computational Making: 6th International Conference on Design Computing and Cognition
University College London

16-26 June 2014
Stimulating the Senses
National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

13 June 2014
Enlightenment Senses?Eighteenth-Century Sensorium(s), Theory and Experience
King’s College London, London

12-13 June 2014
Sensing War: war, violence, militarism, bodies, sensation
International Interdisciplinary Conference, London, UK
Conference Review:

12-14 June 2014
From Cacophony to Music: Sound Perception in Ancient Societies
École française, Athens

2-3 June 2014
Texture Matters: the Haptical and Optical in Media
Österreichisches Museum für angewandte Kunst, Gegenwartskunst

18-20 May 2014
Defining the Sensory Society Conference
Social Sciences and Humanities Library Conference Room
The University of Queensland

11-13 May 2014
SenseAsia 2014
The Asian Sensory and Consumer Research Symposium
Singex, Singapore

12-13 April 2014
Sensory Perception and the Medieval World
University College London

10-11 April 2014
Decadence and the Senses: An Interdisciplinary Conference
Goldsmith’s, University of London

April 2014
Knowing Bodies, Passionate Souls: Sense Perceptions in Byzantium
Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, DC, USA

29 March 2014
Sensing Architecture: A Multidisciplinary Symposium
Royal Academy of Arts, London

28 March 2014
Home Atmospheres: Sensing and Feeling at Home
Histories of Home Subject Specialist Network
Geffrye Museum of the Home, London, UK

21 March 2014
Immersion and Synaesthesia as Ways of Knowing: A Sensory Ethnography of the OpenMind Transformational Festival
La Cenne, 7755 boul. St-Laurent, Montréal

13 March 2014
Sense and Sentiment in the Early Modern World
Emeroteca, Badia Fiesolana, European University Institute, Fiesole

3-4 February 2014
Cultures of Sense, Cultures of Movement, Australian National University
University of Wollongong, Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research, Australia

25 January-6 April 2014
Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined
Royal Academy of Arts, London

19-22 February 2014
ARCHAEOACOUSTICS: The Archaeology of Sound
University of Malta, Malta

7 February 2014
Mirror-touch: Synaesthesia and the social
Tate Modern, London, UK

3-4 February 2014
Cultures of Sense, Cultures of Movement
The Australian National University School of Sociology and the Institute of Australian Geographers
Conference Report

27-28 January 2014
International Conference on Multisensory Law
University of Zurich, Switzerland

17 January 2014
Sonic Skills Project
Maastricht University

13-17 January 2014
Sound Signatures: Sound Studies Winter School
University of Amsterdam, NL
Review by Anna Kvíčalová

2-5 January 2014
Aisthesis: Sense and Sensation in Greco-Roman Medicine
American Philological Association, Chicago

30 November 2013
Senses of the Empire: Multisensory Approaches to Rome
The Open University, London
Conference Review

6-7 September 2013
Conflict and the Senses
Imperial War Museum, London

5 September 2013
2013 CHORD Conference: Retailing and the Senses: Historical Perspectives
Marks & Spencer Company Archive, Leeds

29 August – 1 September 2013
Anthropology of the Senses
Baltic Summer School of Anthropology
Zvartava Castle, Latvia

31 August 2013
Visualising Atmospheres: Digital Placemaking in the 21st Century
The Building Centre, London

June 21-22 2013
Sensing the Sacred:Religion and the Senses, 1300-1800
The University of York, UK

7-8 June 2013
The Five Senses in Medieval and Early Modern Cultures: Literature and Language
University of Bern

19-20 July 2013
The Victorian Tactile Imagination
Birkbeck, University of London

12 July 2013
The Six Senses of Art: A Making Sense Colloquium
Metropolitan Museum of Art

6 June 2012
The City and the Senses Conference
Drexel University, Philadelphia

29-31 May 2013
Les Cinq Sens au Moyen Age
l’Université de Poitiers

23-24 May 2013
Disgust: History, Language, Politics and Aesthetics of a Complex Emotion
University of Liege

May 15 2013
Sensorium Commune: the senses as the common basis of language

April 26 2013
The Tangible: A One-Day Graduate Conference
McGill Art History and Communication Studies, Montreal

20 April 2013
Ways of Knowing the World: History and the Senses
2013 Hagley Fellows Conference, Hagley Museum and Library, Wilmington, DE

April 18-19, 2013
Law and the Senses Conference
The Westminster Law & Theory Centre
Westminster Law School, London

4-7 April, 2013
Shifting Positions: Writing Materialities of Sound
American Comparative Literature Association, University of Toronto
London, England

April 4-5 2013
Sensing the City: Experience, Emotion and Exploration, C. 1600-2013
University of York, UK

3 April, 2013
Intersections: “Art Out of Sight: The Future of Multisensory Art”
Columbia College, Chicago

27-28 March 2013
Sensing Change: A Two-Day Conference
The Centre for Critical Theory
University of Nottingham, UK

26-28 March 2013
Sensory Substitution and Augmentation Conference
University of Glasgow
The British Academy, London

March 13 2013
Radical History Review
Sound Politics: Critically Listening to Local and Global Soundscapes
Number 121

March 13-15 2013
Religious Experience Through the Senses
American Academy of Religion
Baltimore, Maryland

March 2 2013
Fifth Annual Center for Ancient Studies Graduate Conference
Class of 1949 Auditorium, Houston Hall, University of Pennsylvania, USA

February 18 2013
Auditory memory and sound archives from the late-nineteenth century to the present
Amsterdam Centre for Cultural Heritage and Identity, The Netherlands

February 2013
Sensing the Law
Canadian Initiative in Law, Culture, and Humanities (CILCH)
Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

25 January 2013
The Senses in Medieval and Early Modern Visual Culture
Victoria University in the University of Toronto, Toronto

12-18 January 2013
Sensory Archaeology
7th World Congress of Archaeology

September-November 2012
Making Senses: History and the Sensory Past
Carleton University, Ottawa

October-November 2012
Sensory and Experiential Marketing Lecture Series
Concordia University

26-28 October, 2012
Multimodal Approaches to Learning: International Conference
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

27 October 2012
Emotive Cognition and Sensuous Devotion in Catholicism
Connecticut College Seminar

12-13 October 2012
Voices, Spaces, Senses – International Research Symposium on Kaija Saariaho’sMusic
Helsinki, Helsinki Music Center, Finland

14 July – 21 October, 2012
The Human Senses and Perception in Contemporary Art
Kunsthalle Kiel, Germany

9-12 September 2012
A Sense of Inspiration
5th European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research
Bern, Switzerland

19-22 September 2012
2nd International Congress on Ambiances
Montréal, Canada

1-4 August 2012
Sensory Scholarship: New Directions in Theory and Methodology
Senses and Society – International Sociological Association Thematic Group TG07
International Sociological Association World Forum, Buenos Aires

1-2 June 2012
Les cinq sens au Moyen Âge: approches croisées et interdisciplinaires
CESCM – Poitiers table-ronde

June 6 2012
The City and the Senses Conference
Drexel University, Philadelphia

8-9 June 2012
Perceptual Tensions, Sensory Resonance: An International Conference on Contemporary Opera and New Music Theatre / Call for Papers
University of Toronto

June 15-16 2012
Sensualising Deformity – Communication and Construction of Monstrous Embodiment
The University of Edinburgh

May 17-20 2012
11th Conceptual, Discourse and Language Conference
Vancouver, British Columbia

11-12 May 2012
Synesthesia with Children. Creativity and Learning
University of Ulm, Meyerhofstrabe

5-6 May 2012
Media and the Senses – Conference and Exhibition
Goldsmith, University of London

17 April – 25 October 2012
The Sensual Universe: Astrophysics for the Five Senses
Imperial College, London

20-21 April 2012
The New Sensorium
Bios, Athens

19-23 April 2012
Theatre of the Senses Conference
Maastricht, Netherlands

11 April 2012
I Cinque Sensi e la Realtà – Semplici Canali di Accesso o Porte dell’Anima
(The Five Senses and Reality: Simple Channels of Access or Doors of the Soul)
Spilamberto, Italy

16-17 March  2012
Understanding Atmospheres: Culture, Materiality and the Texture of the In-between
University of Aarhus, The Department of Anthropology, Archaeology and Linguistics, Moesgård Museum

3 February 2012
Staging Sound in the Museum: The Ears-on Experience of History
Symposium, Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid, Hilversum
in cooperation with Maastricht University & Amsterdam Museum

7-10 December 2011
Sensory Worlds: Environment, Value & the Multi-Sensory<
Edinburgh University

7 December 2011
Hyperaesthetic Culture
Transformations Journal Call for Papers

17 November 2011
Sensing Cultures: Practice, Performance, Display
American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting
Palais des Congrès, Montreal, Canada

16-20 November, 2011
Mediations of Sensation: Threshold/Saturation Performative Environment
American Anthroplogical Association Annual Meeting
Montreal, Canada

15 November 2011
Marketing’s Tidemarks, Legacies from Anthropology: Tracing the Future of Sensory Marketing
American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting
Palais des Congrès, Montreal, Canada

November 1-3, 2011
Sensational Religion: Sense and Contention in Material Practice
Yale University, New Haven, CT

October-November 2011
Shakespeare & The Banquet of the Senses
Shakespeare’s Globe

21-22 October 2011
The Senses in Early Modern England, 1485-1668
London Renaissance Seminar, Shakespeare’s Globe, and Birkbeck, University of London

6-8 October 2011
Senses and Sensibility in Lisbon
6th UNIDCOM/IADE International Conference

30 September 2011
Dissecting the Lower Sensorium: Understanding Smell, Taste, and Touch in Renaissance Literature

29-30 September 2011
The Sensuous Object
Medical Museion, University of Copenhagen

23-24 June 2011
Skin Deep: Experiential Knowledge and Multisensory Communication International Conference
University for the Creative Arts, Farnham Castle, UK

May 19-20, 2011
The Five Senses of the City, from the Middle Ages to the Contemporary Period, Tours (France)
Université François-Rabelais de Tours, France

May 5-6, 2011
Media and the Senses conference
Department of Media and Communications, Goldsmith’s College, London

September 2010 – May 2011
Embodied Values: Bringing the Senses Back to the Environment
Sawyer Seminar Series, Edinburgh University’s Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH)

27 May 2011
Image & Object: The Senses
Centre for Visual Studies Annual Workshop, History of Art Department, University of Oxford

13-14 May 2011
Sensual Faiths: Religion and the Senses
Stanford Humanities Center

12-13 May 2011
Pour une Anthropologie des Milieux Sonores
Collectif Milson, Musée du quai Branly

14-15 April 2011
Cognition, Performance and the Senses
Wenner Gren Workshop, University of Sussex, Brighton, United Kingdom

24-26 March 2011
Sensory Perception in the Early Modern World
A panel organized by David Karmon, and Niall Atkinson,
Renaissance Society of America, Montreal, Canada

September 2010 – April 2011
Sensing the Unseen
Sawyer Seminar Series, Department of Anthropology, MIT, Cambridge MA, USA

2 October 2010
The Place of Taste
William College Museum of Art

27-29 September 2010
Sensory Meetings: The Senses in Social Sciences
University of Liege/Free University of Brussels, Belgium

23-25 September 2010
Sound ACTSs: Conference on Sound Studies
University of Aarhus, Denmark

August 2010
Call for Papers, 20th Quinquennial World Congress of the International Association for the History of Religions, Toronto, Canada

June 2010
Symposium on the Senses
Concordia Sensoria Research Team, Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

April 21-24, 2010
Sensational Space: Architecture and the Seven Senses
A panel chaired by D. Medina Lasansky,
Society of Architectural Historians, Chicago, IL, USA

21-22 April 2010
Religion for the Senses. Part III: Religious Meanings of Taste, Smell and Touch in Ancient and Medieval Asia and Europe
Käte Hamburger Kolleg (KHK), Ruhr-Universität Bochum

April 8-26, 2010
Academia Through the Senses
University of Toronto Art Centre, Toronto, Canada

March 26, 2010
Headspace: On Scent as Design
Parsons the New School for Design and the Museum of Modern Art, New York

March 26-27, 2010
Making Senses of the Past: Toward a Sensory Archaeology
27th Annual Visiting Scholar Conference
Center for Archaeological Investigations
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

5-6 March  2010
Material Images, the Senses, and Religious Experience in the West from Late Antiquity to the Early Modern
The Center for Visual Cultures, University of Wisconsin-Madison

17-19 June, 2010
Hearing Modern History Colloquium
Free University, Berlin

December 4, 2009
The Senses in Language and Culture
108th American Anthropological Association meeting, Philadelphia, PA
Language & Cognition Group (MPI for Psycholinguistics)

September – December, 2009
Sculpture and Touch: Reflections on the Art and Science of a Neglected Sense
Courtauld Institute of Art, London, UK

8-9 October 2009
Captive Senses and Aesthetic Habits: A joint graduate conference between English Language & Literature and Art History
Fourth Annual Graduate Conference, The University of Chicago

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